With the explosion of the mobile market, many popular media sources have embraced paid reviews as their revenue model. App Review Helper seeks to pull all of these resources into one convenient location so you can send your app descriptions directly to the media for timely reviews.

Core Features

Feature 1

Manage Campaigns

Create review campaigns for your iOS & Mac apps! Decide which sites you’d like to review your app, give them as much detail as possible, and put them to work for you!

Feature 2

Quick Turnaround

Receive reviews from credible media sources within 10 business days.

Feature 3

Unbiased App Ratings

In addition to receiving an unbiased review of your app, media sources rate your app according to 11 key application points including usability, features, design, and overall value.

Recent Campaigns

my kewl app 6.0.14 1 Reviews

Spectra - Camera Painting 1.3 3 Reviews

Icon Bot 1.2 1 Reviews

Test App - WeDo 2.2 1 Reviews

nRadio 1.53 1 Reviews

Celebrity Hollywood 1.2.1 1 Reviews

Flutterbud 1.0.5 2 Reviews

Remote Control Paid 2 7.0.1 2 Reviews

Fair Pricing

Review sites are sorted by their popularity so you can view their reasonable rates and get what you pay for.

Highly Recommended 99% of our customers recommend us!

Good service and the dashboard is really is slick and enjoyable to use. Prices are reasonable although would be nice if we could leave a comment to the reviewer rather than just a rating.

Andik Morgenstern